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Sunday, August 31, 2014


If you are British you know of Cliveden, it played a central role in the Profumo Affair. The one where defence secretary John Profumo had a brief sexual affair with 19 year old Christine Keeler. When it was revealed interested was heightened by the news Keeler may have been having an affair at the same time with a Soviet Naval attache.

Keeler is best remember for the iconic portrait

The house was also the home of Nancy Astor (the first woman MP).

I've never been so it was time to rectify this....

The house is now in the hands of the National Trust but alas the fine house is now a fiver star hotel so I had to make do with the gardens (you can do tours Thursday and Sunday afternoon).

Time for a scone......

And it was? well underwhelming (the NT Scones blog agrees) a bit small but more disappointingly lacking fruit and a bit uninteresting........

It is a long way back up!!

A sign of Autumn

A decent Ham, mustard and Creme Fraiche sarnie....

Small Copper?


Now here is a curious thing. The garden is lovely but somehow I couldn't fall in love with it. Still well worth a visit.

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