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Friday, July 18, 2014

Munich Day 1

Yes I've been on my holidays again, I've just spent 4 days in Munich. When booked I hadn't realised it was the final of the world cup when I arrived and that the Germans would be in the final. It did mean that I might actually be in the country of the team that win the world cup. Lets be honest it's not going to happen in England is it! (OK I was 2 in 1966!!).

We got the train from Munich airport into the city and enjoyed a gentle stroll to our hotel. We dumped our bags and headed off. The hotel reception staff advised us that getting a table in the evening might be difficult so we stopped for lunch.

Trish in a typical holiday pose.

A tribute to Michael Jackson? REALLY??

One of the things I liked was the amount of flowers....

The Neue Rathaus and can I say Rathaus as a name for Town Hall always makes me laugh :)


Is there something on??

Spot the odd one out

There were lots of people in Germany shirts but most of this lot were American!! Everyone was incredibly good humoured.

There were a couple offering free hugs.....

So I watched the world cup on German TV, very odd....... BTW the pundits were standing!

Tomorrow may need to be split :)

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