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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hatfield Forest Grebe update

Given we were late home Thursday night I was looking forward to a good nights sleep. At 3am I was awoken by a MASSIVE thunderclap!! I've never heard one so loud.

The weather was better in Essex and we headed to Hatfield Forest. This was unplanned and telephoto lenses were left at home.

I just decided I wanted to see how the Grebes were doing!

This was the only Mallard in full plumage. Isn't he a handsome bird?

Spot the odd one out?

Incidentally the party of young canada's I saw earlier in the year are all grown up.

And yes the Grebe chicks are doing well. 3 chicks and both adults about and catching fish. Some record shots.

Almost lost her!!

Given my lunch a roast beef roll I may have been eating......

I could only see the one Tern but a Nat Trust guy told me he thought there were two chicks. We also saw a Kingfisher and 2 Marsh Tits.

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