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Tuesday, July 29, 2014


I am going on holiday soon…. now I know this is surprising since I don’t go away very often  (cough) but this is slightly different as it will be in the UK! I am off to Shropshire and Cheshire. I am kind of excited by this, I have missed the joys of my own country and the delights of sitting in a national trust cafĂ© with a cup of tea. Of course now that I have been diagnosed with type II diabetes my cake eating days are long gone but I think I can replace the cake with a scone and a brisk walk :)

The problem is how will I fit everything into a week? There are so many places I want to show Trish that are in the area!

 English Heritage has Wenlock Priory and Stokesay Castle. And the National Trust? Attingham Park, Erdigg, Chirk Castle, Shugborough, Benthall Hall, Dudmaston, Little Moreton Hall, Biddulph Grange, Dunham Massey, Lyme Park and Speke Hall – the later two are probably musts as Lyme has never appeared in the blog and Speke I’ve never been to. There is also somewhere else on the list that I’m not revealing as I think I Trish will get a shock! :)

I could do a reccy of them for the National Trust scones blog.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Paycockes and Coggeshall Grange Barn

Trish selected Paycockes as the place to visit this afternoon.....

In the car park....

Paycockes was the home of the merchant Thomas Paycocke

I do love the garden at Paycockes it's one I could happily live with.

I saw this in Coggeshall....... a friend of Tricia's or Jan's perhaps? :)

I've NEVER  been to the Grange Barn so......

The barn was part of Coggeshall Abbey. Between the 60's and early 80's it fell in to a terrible state of disrepair but now....

There is a vinyard in Coggeshall so we popped in and I bought a few bottles of English Vino........ A good day. Actually the food looked nice so may have to try it for lunch one day.

London again

Some more pics from a day in London

Later in the day a cold shower might have been good :)

More info on these below.....

info on the benches

Who is she? it was a shoot apparently

Not my tipple......