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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Visiting the National Trust

I had one of those can't make my mind up what to do days......

As it was I went first to Flatford Mill.

Would make a nice painting eh....... maybe a Hay Wain in it??

It's a lovely spot and one day I WILL walk to Dedham :)

I was going to eat in the cafe but there was a longish queue. So I headed off nabbed a snack from Waitrose at Sudbury (and they were selling Chapel Down wine so a few were added to the cellar!!) and ate it at Melford Hall.

Should I mention that the chess board is the wrong way around? The white square should always be on the right hand side not left!!


Tricia Ryder said...

I do like Flatford Mill.
great flutter pic & the flowers!

Ragged Robin said...

Two beautiful places Pete - would so love to visit Flatford Mill. I love the stained glass window of the Elizabethan lady at Melford Hall. Sounds like a great day out :)