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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Day 3 - Verona

After the trip out we had a day in Verona....

Firstly a look around Verona's Roman Arena. Today it is used for open air Opera concerts.

We stopped for a coffee near this, and I like coffee in Italy much more than I do here!

The Basilica of St Zeno

This is a new one on me beggar with dog AND gerbil..... the beggars in Italy were good we  saw one who later in the day was sat using a smart phone......

Verona's Duomo.

The Veronese and their dogs.....

We had lunch on the Piazza Erbe and then headed to visit a garden across the river..... we were pleased to spot Crag Martin's a lifer for me.

Uh that sky.....

We were headed to the Giardino Giusti. The gardens were originally planted in 1580

Mindful of the sky! We headed back to the hotel making it just before the heavens opened! The rain didn't last long.

Some pics from a later stroll for dinner

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