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Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Forest and Audley

I awoke to sun!! So where to ?? I could and should have gone further a field but went to Hatfield Forest. The sun on my back had warmth and the birds were singing, bliss!!

The terns look like they might be on a nest and the Grebes are still sitting. Lets hope those awful boats don't stop them breeding this year. If the Trust reads this I'd ban the wretched things :)

There seemed to be a lot of Tufted Ducks about which seems unusual for Hatfield this time of year.

There has been breeding on the lake this year with families of Mallards, Coots, Moorhens and Canada Geese.

The wretched boats - do you think I don't approve?? :)

This should have been a much better pic!! My error! Still lovely to see a Common Sandpiper!!

As well as loads of warblers and tits I saw a Sparrowhawk, Great Spotted Woody and a Kestrel.

I wasn't sure where to head to next, Anglesey Abbey was an idea but instead I stayed local and went to Audley End. Alas the sun went!

One of pair of Canada Geese had been busy!

The walled garden has really come to life!

And the sun came back!

Not a bad day!