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Sunday, April 13, 2014

oh to be in England now that Spring is here

The sun shone (and it had some heat), the birds sang and there were flutters everywhere. Ah spring in England, is there anything better?

I REALLY should have got out of bed early and gone out but my duvet clasped me to it :)

I've spent the afternoon down at Rye Meads. I was after the Garganey which has been there a few days and ........ YAY!

Lots of butterflies about....

This Lapwing was having fun....

And after yesterday's Willow Warbler we have a posey Chiffchaff

I saw a party of baby Mallards on the HMWT side and the bird song was lovely. Lots of Blackcaps, Cetti's about. Also a few Sedge Warblers and I heard a Willow Warbler. oh and Muntjac. Nice afternoon in the spring sun.

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Tricia Ryder said...

Was a beautiful day eh... lucky you with the chiffy; good shots as ever!!