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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The smell of Orange Blossom

AT LAST!! It's holiday time!!

So off to Spain! and in particular the city of Seville the idea was some early sunshine.....

We were sat on an Easy Jet plan at Gatwick and told our flight would be 50 minutes late!! Eventually we  took off to be told that Seville was wet and grey..... NOW HANG ON THAT IS NOT ON THE AGENDA!!!

It had stopped raining and it was just grey but noticeably warmer than the UK.

We splashed out on a cab to the hotel dumped bags and grabbed a camera.... stopping first for some tapas.....

ORANGES directly outside of the hotel!! We quickly discovered that there were one or two of these in Seville...... :)

We headed to river.....

We were loving the smell of Orange blossom (it was EVERYWHERE) when we turned around and discovered that the sky was turning BLUE!!!


The Torre Del Oro.

We headed into the Jardines de Christina

There are lots of carriage rides!

and into the WONDERFUL Parque Maria de Luisa. Where we saw baby Mallards (lots) and Moorhens

There were lots of wonderful pottery!

The Plaza Espana!! The building is government departments.....

Tram ways.....

The cathedral..... we'll get there!

We had dinner in the hotel and zonked out!


oldcrow61 said...

omg, that water feature with the frogs, oh my, oh my. What wonderful things you've seen. Great shots.

Ragged Robin said...

Lovely photos Pete - looks a wonderful place to visit. I love the tree with exposed roots :)