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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Some thoughts on The Sleeping Beauty

When you read that two of the principals are missing your heart sinks a bit but I had since I had seen one of the replacements before it rose a bit.....

You know the story? Wicked Fairy not invited to be God Mother of princess at christening casts a spell that the princess will prick her finger and die. Good fairy casts spell that she'll fall a sleep to be woken by a kiss from the handsome prince. A hundred years later prince appears and all live happily ever after....

As ever with the Royal Opera the costumes were gorgeous and the sets hit the spot!

The great thing with Sleeping Beauty is it has a good story and this enables the dancer a lot  of interpretation and set pieces.

There were some non dance good moments, the Wicked Fairy disappearing down a trap door for instance and the way that the Lilac Fairy led Prince Florimund to the sleeping Princess Aurora allowing the set to change.

The dancing as ever was amazing. The timing and HOW the girls can stand on one leg like that is amazing! Both stand ins Hikaru Kobayashi(Princess Aurora) and  Frederico Bonelli (Pirnce Florimund)  and were very good as was Melissa Hamilton (Lilac Fairy). Of the rest? A special mention perhaps for Yuhui Choe and Valentin Zucchetti.

So perfect? Well no, in the few minutes between acts 2 & 3 (set change) the orchestra continue playing but rather a large number of numpties decided to talk over Tchaikovski's wonderful score....

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