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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Castle Acre Priory, Oxburgh Hall and Merton Church

And so to come home.......

The previous night we had dinner at Briarfields (Scallops......). There was no telly in the rooms at the rooms at the B&B but we adjourned to the TV room, luckily we were on our own and could enjoy Dr Who on our own with a glass of vino!

It is rather nice waking up in an historic house with great views..... I don't really miss the telly, a good book and a radio is great.

After breaky we headed to Castle Acre to look around the Cluniac Priory..... It rained on arrival but did clear very quickly.

YES I know it is flint but it shows how the walls were constructed and I like the patterns.

We were a tadge early for the tea room so went to Oxburgh Hall.....

still Apples on a tree!

I was here with Dad in August. Lots of colour then and butterflies!!

As it had rained as we got to Castle Acre so I left the pancake power zoom on the camera. So of course Swans turn up ;)

We had Soup (Winter Vegetable) which was delicious (the bread alas was very dry) we also had a slice of carrot cake between us. That was very moist and nice.

I had arranged for one of the 4 Norfolk churches left on my list to be opened :D

Whilst waiting for the key holder we wandered around and found......

804 St Peter's Merton

Thank you to Church Warden Helen for showing us around and being so informative!

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Ragged Robin said...

Great photos - love the autumn colours and the churches and Priory look very interesting. Glad you had a good weekend :)