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Sunday, November 03, 2013

A bird in the amazing

And so to London again.

As per normal we headed to Hyde Park.

There was a chap feeding the birds

Anyway Trish had brought some seed so I had a go!

WOW having a great tit fly to your hand and perch and take food is stunning! The last two is Trish's hand! We only got Great Tit's first time but on the way back I had a blue tit AND a Robin. I can safely say it was a wonderful feeling. (thanks to Trish for the pics)

Great Crested Grebe with fish heading for youngster.

We were off to the Wigmore Hall to see the Aradia Quartet play

Haydn - String Quartet in D Op 76 No 5.
Janacek - String Quartet No 2 'Intimate Letters'

The concert was good but at no point did I think it come alive. The Haydn is a later work and you can hear that this is a work transitioning in style. The Janacek is not really my thing but I've seen it live before played by the Pavel Haas Quartet and I enjoyed it much more then. Which goes to show I guess that the musicians do make a difference.

There was an encore, Bartok's Rumanian Folk dances (I think)  which was perhaps the most impressive piece.

Good day but the highlight was those birds sitting on my hand.

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Ragged Robin said...

Great photos from an autumnal looking Hyde Park :) Love the bridge photo :)

Wonderful experience to have the birds feeding from your hands - only ever managed to tame a garden robin this way!