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Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Defending the indefensible

In the middle of a discussion on facebook i defended Ryan Air. This caused some consternation and I was asked how I could defend Con Air.

Now I am aware that there are various Michael O'Leary jokes (he goes into a bar.....) but I am going to sort of defend Ryan Air......

Now firstly let me say that Ryan Air's business model (and no I don't care if the media criticise it! The model is there and you don't have to use the company!) trades on CHEAP so you know (or should know) what to expect.

So a few charges.

1. Ryan Air will charge you £70 if you turn up at the Airport without a boarding pass.

Now in fairness they do tell you to print it. They remind you to print it. So your problem is? Ok it doesn't cost £70. Fair point but you turn up sans pass and there is a queue of people waiting why should they watit......

2. The luggage allowance of 15kg is too low.

Well don't use them! 15kg is fine for many people so why should they pay more to accommodate you? I do accept that Easy Jets idea where you can combine your allowance makes more sense.

But honestly it amazes me the amount of people who suddenly have to rush off and repack. Anyone heard of scales?

3. The carry on bag allowance is pathetic.

Well don't use them. Most people have no problem. Let me add I've never seen a bag rejected by Ryan Air (and I've seen some obviously over sized bags allowed on) but I bet it happens. I have seen Easy Jet reject bags (in fairness this was Vienna Airport staff and not Easy Jet staff).

4. They charge for everything.

Yes they do. You pay extra to stick a bag in hold. Well yes but you factor it into the price, it's not like you turn up the airport......

5. They refer to a city and often the airport is miles away.

Well they do tell you the airport and so you can plan.

Now don't get me wrong I don't like Ryan Air, being called through at Perugia airport and them having inadequate chairs didn't endear me. I don't like the mammoth hard sell on flights, Easy jet is much more relaxed

Essentially they are cheap, they've got me there on time and my bags have arrived.

To me flying is pretty dull, i'd rather fly no frills and spend the extra on a good meal on arrival.

I am more than happy that people like to avoid Ryan Air and I appreciate some of the rules make them unsuitable for some people but no one is forcing you use them. I am a firm believer in personal choice.


Zig said...

fair 'nuff, that's why I don't use them and use Easy Jet if a want a cheap flight. But as you say it's personal choice, so I agree with you.

Tricia Ryder said...

Yes - it is personal choice... and everything is advised up front so you know what you're buying.

I don't like the hard sell of Ryanair but their route suits and it's fit for purpose - so......