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Friday, September 13, 2013

Walking the Walls of Lucca

The forecast was bad for today so we decided not to do a day trip.... and of course said rain didn't occur....

We decided to walks Lucca's walls

This is the Plazzo pfanner of which more later

Bit more life at the Amphitheatre

That phone......

San Frediano

St Zita I believe.

We had lunch at the Cantine Bernardini. I had a beef dish in chianti which was rather nice, the mushroom side dish was LOVELY. And the wine very drinkable.

The Palazzo Pfanner

We had a pizza in the evening (not bad). And then went to another concert. This time Puccini Arias by two Soprano's it was very enjoyable.

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Ragged Robin said...

Beautiful :) Ceilings and statues are divine :)