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Friday, September 13, 2013

Day 2 - Walking around Lucca

And so to our first full day in Lucca

The Lucchese like their bikes

If you remember San Michele de Fori this is the outsize statue at the top,

San Frediano of which more another day

The Lucchese also fill their bottles up at a number of fountains.

Lucca was founded by the Romans the amphitheatre is long gone but the outline is maintained.

it is easier to see from this poor scan..... 

OOH tower with a tree!!

Duomo San Martino

Poor old Luigi Boccherini  not even number one in his own home city.

And so we climbed to the top of the tower with trees on it!! Or if you prefer Torre Guinigi.

we stopped for a drink....

Lunch was past at the Osteria San Giorgio. Probably the best ravioli/pasta I've had, also a decent glass of white.

Villa Bottoni, the garden was a bit unloved. Note - I love Italy but the Italian's don't do green public spaces very well.

The Giardino Botanica

The handbag for the female photographer?

We had a concert booked for tonight (hence pasta for dinner) so decided on another pasta for dinner there was a place by the church it was being held in so ate there. My Lasagne had not been cooked and was sent back so avoid the Aria if in Lucca.

The concert was a selection of Puccini and Mozart arias and was enjoyable.

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