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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Blickling Hall

So off to Aylsham......

I'm coming into town and I notice a 20mph speed limit so I ease my foot off the accelerator and around the corner..... police! And I'm pulled over.

Wind the window down and say Good Morning Officer..... I was doing 28 in a 20 limit......locals concerned about speeding. I of course am all contrite, I get a brief talk which is fair enough as I was over the limit before I am warned and sent on my way.


Aylsham is another nice Norfolk town and along with Holt one I could live in.

And then onto Blickiling Hall.

It's raining slightly so I go for a wander with my brolley and sir reads the paper and listens to the radio.

So we ate our sarnie and headed off and it had stopped raining!!

Sir went back to the car and I headed in search of cake.....

Now to me cake should be presented as full cakes under those glass/plastic waiting to be sliced and there should be a variety (see Berrington Hall or Attingham Park for good examples) they should make your mouth water at Blickling there were 2-3 pieces of cake on plates wrapped in cellophane. My heart sank and I didn't bother..... Even the pantry at Oxburgh had a better display with a mouth watering looking Victoria Sponge.  

The rain started to fall heavily so I stuck my brolley up and wandered home.


Tricia Ryder said...

Well... that was really jammy with the 28 mph... lol - unlike.....

Blicking looking lovely despite the rain and some great spots of colour.

pity about the cake... most disappointing!

Ragged Robin said...

Lucky you Pete :)

The church and stained glass are beautiful and I would SO love to visit Blickling Hall - lovely photos :)

Oh and I wouldn't mind a red Morgan either :)

Well done on Saturday's Greenshank :)

oldcrow61 said...

Great shots Pete. I love the pathway going through the trees. It's magical.