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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Of Horses and the Opera

The last day? So Soon? Where did it go?

We were booked for a tour of the Spanish Riding school so.....

One of two stable cats....

You can't take pics of the horses

Anyway we booked ourselves on a tour of the State Opera House.

Every seat has its own Surtitle screen!

You don't realise how big the stage is.Apparently the only sets kept at the Opera House are for Tosca. It is the opera that takes less time to set up and as our guide said every singer knows a role from Tosca it canbe put on in an emergency.

We stopped for lunch, I went for sausages! The cake display at Cafe Mozart

How to keep the streets clean.



The stairs to the Albertina

One final ice cream before heading home!

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