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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Imperial Vienna - Taster

Today we were off to the Hoffburg Palace. The Stephansdom en route

Mozart monument. The Viennese make great play of Mozart but at the time Salzburg was part of Germany and he would have regarded himself as a German.....

The vastness that is the Hoffburg Palace

When we arrived we found that the tours for the Spanish riding school were closed. So we did a tour of the Silverkammer and Franz Joseph and Sisi's appartment. The Silverkammer contains some AMAZING things and lots of them. My whole problem with the Hoffburg is how its presented and that is as a museum. Still it is well worth visiting and decent value as well.

This was lunch.

And back North of the Hoffburg

This is the New Town Hall or Rat Haus. What a great name!

The Votivkirsche (more to come)

Hoffburg again.

At this point I suggested we book tickets for the Spanish Riding School for tomorrow morning! And so that's where we're going to.

Anyway we went to Cafe Sacher for our afternoon snack!

Original Sacher Torte!

Anyway time for the evening meal! 

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