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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Bibury, Lechlade and Buscot Park

Not the greatest weather today. Didn't really rain much but was just generally grey and windy. More like November than June.

Anyway first stop of the day the picture postcard village of Bibury

We needed some eggs so stopped in Lechlade....

last time I was in the church it was blazing hot and the church an oasis of cool.

We ate our rolls at Cheese Wharf (think that's what it was called).

And today's National Trust property is Buscot Park. It is managed for the trust by the Lord Faringdon which is I guess a good and bad thing. The good is that the property escapes the trusts wrapped in aspic approach and feels like it is still an evolving house and garden. Oh and Lord Farringdon's art collection is a very good thing. The Burne Jones Briar Rose sequence is  worth the entrance to the house on it's own. The bad is they don't accept Trust loyalty cards ;) and the opening hours. Alas it doesn't open til 2pm which is a great pity. I once turned up early and wandered around the lower lake to get shouted at by a fisherman from the other bank "you lot shouldn't be here to 2pm".. I was tempted to tell him I was the regional director for the East of England or some such and see if it got a rise but instead smiled and raised my eyebrows at another angler. Of course in my mind I had mentally thrown him in the lake :)

Suffice to say that I like Buscot.

The cake has been disappointing so far but not today a rather nice Orange cake.


Ragged Robin said...

Absolutely beautiful Pete :) Thanks so much for sharing you are reviving so many memories of my past visits to Cotswolds.

Churches today lovely. Glad it didn't rain for you - really heavy, prolonged showers here today :(

I did enjoy the Slaughters yesterday - whenever I've been they seem to have escaped the attention of most tourists :)

Tricia Ryder said...

Ah... Bibury.. I recognise the wall by the river ..- and a rather lovely Church as well.

Buscot looks fascinating - and the statues curious.

So many lovely places....