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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Spello - some tempters

And where to today? Well the weather forecast is predicting rain - boo hiss! But as today was meant to be dry we went to the small hill side town of Spello.

To do so we got a bus to the rail station and the train to Spello. Public transport overseas, brave or what!! Actually all rather easy and the staff were helpful.

Some pics

The main church was lovely but alas no photos.....

at the top of the hill we arrived at the convent of Santa Maria di Vallegloria. There were some nuns outside and they asked us to visit their church unlocking it and saying we could take some pictures but no flash. As you can see it is lovely and why it is in mentioned in guides is beyond me.

The nuns were very friendly and one is going to pray for Trish and me. I happily stuck some change in the offerings box. Why more churches can not be as welcoming is beyond me. I'd have happily stuck a couple of euros in a box if they were.

I saw this and immediately thought.... OC!!

The blue sky has vanished and grey cloud remains. Still the temperature has been in the 70's most of the day.

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