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Monday, May 20, 2013

Return to Assisi

The weather forecast was for heavy rain and thunderstorms........ We decided there was lots more to see in Assisi and we could nip inside churches.

We took the bus again and arrived just as the heavens opened so we nipped in to San Pietro

but by the time we came out the rain had stopped.

Santa Maria Maggiore

Chiesa Nuova

This was the Temple of Minerva and is Roman. It is now the Chiesa di Santa Maria sopra Minerva

We decided to eat in Assisi and went back to Medioevo. I had Bruschette and Ravioli and a glass of Vino. Very nice it was too.

We had ice cream on the go as dessert!

We decided that we wanted a snack for this evening and this place promised "slow food".

I think Trish just wanted the owner Fabrizio to kiss her hand as he had Tuesday ;) He did make our sandwiches which were very nice.

The rest of the day was spent strolling about

Note blue sky coming out!

Tricia's new car.....

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Ragged Robin said...

I love all the pots of flowers (geraniums??) on the walls etc. of houses. Glad you both had such a lovely time :)