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Monday, May 20, 2013

Lago Trasimeno

Trish and I had convinced ourselves last night  they we couldn't get to either Arezzo or Lago Transimeno but this morning we decided that we would go to the lago/lake.

We dutifully caught the bus and arrived at Perugia train station...... ticket office shut!!!! So the machine..... which was surprisingly easy..... and we caught the 9:52 (IF we had been sensible we'd have skipped breakfast and got the 8:05! but as we didn't decided we would go to the lake to about  8am.....)

We arrived at the town of Passignano sul Trasimeno and the lake was about a 5 minute walk tickets were obtained and we awaited our ferry to Isola Maggiore.

Obliging eh!

I can't tell you what the town is like because on returning we bought an ice cream sat in the sun by the lake watching Grebes and then caught our train back to Perugia. The island was beautiful but the litter was terrible despite the amount of bins!!

Out into town for dinner

NB who is drinking wine and who is drinking coke....!

Well it's the last full day!

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