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Monday, May 20, 2013

And so that was Perugia/Umbria

I wondered if there would be enough to do? Well there was !

Perugia is a lovely small city and well worth a weekend break. It is nicely compact and the Duomo and Palazza dei Priori are magnificent. But Perugia makes an excellent base if you want to stay longer and see further a field and frankly it is well worth it not seeing Assisi is criminal. If I can get about by public transport anyone can.

Assisi is probably best visited on a weekday and it is stunning. When seen from a distance it really is draw dropping and though you go for the basilica and Giotto's frescoes the rest of the town is magnificent. Spello is charming and makes me wish I had visited more places like Gubbio and Todi.

The lake is well worth a visit. I think that Isola Polvese is the best island to go to but with out a car you are too reliant on bus and train links so we settled for Maggiore which was still a great day out, and I wish we had got up and got the early train!

As I say Perugia is lovely, our hotel was at the bottom of the hill but the escalators meant it was easy to get into town and was very convenient for public transport.

If I'm honest this has been the most enjoyable of my overseas trips more relaxed. I so want to go back to both Tuscany and Perugia/Umbria to explore further afield e.g. Todi/Gubbio/Arezzo/Sienna but I have another Italian trip indeed to Lucca in Tuscany with a trip planned to Pistoia.

The next holiday is in the UK, the Cotswolds, before I abandon Italy (temporarily) for the more Germanic Vienna.

And in case you missed it!

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ShySongbird said...

Welcome back Pete. What a fabulous holiday. Such a beautiful place to go, I know I would love it there. I've just caught up with the posts I missed and enjoyed all the photos of the lovely architecture, churches and wildlife. It was great to see you and Tricia having such a good time too and I always love seeing and hearing about the scrumptious food and wine on your travels :-) Also by the way, a great idea to scan the postcards when you can't take photos! I haven't recovered from the Swallowtail yet and pretty envious about the lizards too.

Nora at Island Rambles said...

Wow Pete the paintings, sculpures and art work you have seen. All the churches with the painted ceilings...woo you loved that. Looking good in the photos also Pete! Glad you had such a good time. Now get back to birding and historical English buildings for me!! cheers.

Pete said...

SS - yes I was really pleased with the Swallowtail :) Lizards are fairly common on a warm day! We say them in Perugia on the first day.

Nora. Will do

Cindy said...

... my 'to visit'list is getting longer, I've just added Perugia thanks to your lovely photos. Definitely a must for next year me thinks. Will be posting some photos of Tallinn on my blog soon - never been there before, but have wanted to ever since Judith Chalmers was there in 'Wish You Were Here'! Looking forward to seeing your next travels.