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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Local birding....

Well another early start and I headed to Fishers Green. I got out of the car and a Common Whitethroat popped up to give me a year tick.

Lots of warblers but at first the Nightingales were very quiet but then they started singing! If i'm honest though I much prefer a Blackbird.

And so to Dad's. His  tree is in full bloom and looks lovely.

After lunch I went down to Rye Meads. Highlights? Buzzard, Hobby, Little Egret, Garden Warbler (seems a little earl?),  Reed Warbler (and other warblers ) and 3 coot families. Lots of peacock butterflies about.

Tufties were swimming in front of the Draper Hide.

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Cindy said...

lovely photos, as ever