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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Journeying to the Eternal City

Given the flight was at 6:15 in the morning we had set the alarm for 4am and guess what both of us were awake at silly o'clock so we were actually queueing to drop our bags off at 4:30!

Still it was a nice easy check in however at the security check my bag got searched! and later a Policeman asked if I was off to see the footy ??? but eventually I got through and the big iron bird took off time.

The flight was good with spectacular views of the snow capped Alps. Little did I know what the UK was about to get!

Anyway some views! Probably not that good as the camera was pointed out of a cabin window.

Very cloudy until we crossed the channel.

Still there Trish!

The Alps

First view  of Rome

Great view flying over Rome.

And of course T got her bag strightaway and mine? took flipping ages! But still we soon had our bus tickets and headed into Rome. And on the route found a bird lifer.... Hooded Crow (very common)

Our hotel was fairly close to the Colosseum so easy to find! Although we were early we got straight in and then out.

The Roman Empire still exists (well for a fee they'll pose for photos and no I didn't pay them!!)

See Common!!

The Forum

 The Victor Emmanuel Monument

The monument to the unknown soldier.

Just for OC

The Trevi Fountain

As I said to Caesar.....

One for Corinna

Spanish Steps

Babington's team room. Cream tea for two 33 euros? Me neither

And so back to the hotel before going to Il Bocconcino for dinner.

The Colosseum by night.

I can think of a few people who'd like this!

T staggering back to the hotel

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