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Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Gibberd Garden

Popped into the Gibberd Garden this afternoon and boy was it cold!!

Sir Frederick Gibberd was the planner of Harlow New Town

nice display of hellebore's

Mother and child...

 Reflections of a photographer

and home for a well needed cup of tea.

the garden I might add is worth a visit if you are in the area. Preferably when a little warmer.


Anonymous said...

Some great pictures. Thank you for sharing them.

Anonymous said...

yesterdays and todays were oh so lovely. Is it your camera or your eyes? Somehow the ones you take in the cities are nothing compared to the ones in these gardens that you visit. I hope hope hope when you go to europe again you will visit gardens there.


oldcrow61 said...

What a lovely place. The statues are wonderful. Not fair that you have flowers blooming while I have at least two feet of snow in the garden.

Pete said...

anony - thank you!

Turquis. Well obviously cities will be more building based. But I do intend to try and visit some greenery!

I get the impression you prefer countryside to urban which I sort of relate to!

Pete said...

sorry OC! it is flipping cold tho!

Ragged Robin said...

Looks a beautiful garden to visit Pete. What a lovely collection of hellebores and the statues are fascinating :) Great photos as always!

Anonymous said...

All tourists seem to take the same photos in cities and books are full of them. The ones you take inside and outside English churches are special and so are your English garden photos. You often seem to notice whimsical things and your camera and camera skills are special too.