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Wednesday, December 05, 2012

For goodness sake!!

I woke this morning and nipped to the loo, peeked out of the window (no frost!) and seeing it was 5:32 I nipped back under the duvet for 8 minutes!!

The alarm went off and I crawled from under the duvet, got ready and then opened the blind. You what? SNOW!!! They never forecast that! Now when I say snow it was what 1/2 an inch?? If that!

It was quickly apparent that the roads were unsalted, touch brakes WHOA! I stuck some petrol in and went back home!

I was off to a meeting in Catford today so  instead of  driving to work and going there I thought I'll  go straight from home!

The bus turned up at 6:41 and normally it takes at most 20 minutes to get to the train station. At 8:28!!! I arrived. Luckily at 8:32 I was able to get on to the Stansted Express.

Only to be told "we are sorry for the slow progress of this train, this is due to a slower train in front". Still I got to Liverpool Street 10 minutes later than I hoped and walked quickly to London Bridge Station. The next train to Catford Bridge was at 9:55 so I walked on to the platform and got a cup of tea only to hear

"we apologise for the Cancellation of the 9:55......"

Well at this  point I thought stuff it (or words to that affect) and headed home!!

I have just had a meeting via phone :D

I'm annoyed I never slipped a camera in my pocket as London Bridge is next to Southwark Cathedral but still I was able to get some food in M&S!

Now excuse me I need to warm up.


Tricia said...

We just can't cope in this country can we... crazy!! Be nice to think we're prepared for the next time..

Ragged Robin said...

This country just seems to be unable to cope with any type of adverse weather conditions!!!!I dread to think what would happen if we had a foot of snow as I can remember in the far distant past and yes, we went to school every day!!!!