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Sunday, December 16, 2012

A quick trip to Audley End

Well firstly my Dad has FINALLY gone digital.... I did the key role of tuning the telly!

Anyway I went to Audley End this afternoon, I do like Audley always something different to see.

Jimmy (the horse) and Charley (the rider) were undergoing training.


Cindy said...

My ancestor was chief molecatcher at Audley End, but I've probably told you that before, it's me age! He would be shocked by his 4 x great granddaughter allowing moles to run amock in her garden (I won't kill anything). I think he used to do other duties on the estate as well though. A lovely set of photos as always

Island Rambles Blog said...

Hey Merry Christmas Pete! I googled the Audley End as is looks so impressive and wow what a history it has...if only it could whisper all its secrets...they could make a movie out of it. It said it is only one third of the original size now. Wiki has an amazing summary of the history there. How do you feel walking where so much history happened...pretty cool place!

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oldcrow61 said...

What beautiful horses. Great shots.