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Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Cultural first..... Quacky goes to the Ballet

So today was a first for me..... a ballet!

We got off at Liverpool Street and wandered down to the Thames.

We wandered along the South Bank towards Southwark Cathedral and the market by it.

We wandered back to the market where I had the most delicious double burger. Oysters at the next stall...

Golden Hind

The Globe....

I intend going there next summer. What do you reckon. Midsummer Night's Dream, The Tempest or Macbeth?

Sir Larry....

There was a lot going on....

Crossing back North.....

Why all the Santa's? Well Santacon 2012!!

So what was I up to? I was off to the Coliseum to see the English National Ballet perform the Nutcracker. It's a lovely building.

So what did I think? Well part 1 was fun, part 2 contained more pure dance well so it seemed to me. Oddly the story that seemed to drive it (Clara vs The Mouse King) finishes early in part 2. With the rest of part 2 being full of set piece dances (yes i know there is still a story). I have to admit I enjoyed these.

Whether you like ballet (and I did!) you have to admire the pure skill of the dancers. Ever so elegant and it takes real skill.

The music is obviously superb (Tchaikovsky) and was well played.

And yes I'd go again.

Nice way to celebrate my 2,500 blog!

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Ragged Robin said...

Glad you enjoyed The Nutcracker Pete. I was totally spellbound on the 2 occasions I've seen it - magical experience :) I've got a cd in the car with 3 of Tchaikovsky's ballets on and I play it constantly!

And you must go to the Globe - its a wonderful experience - so authentic. Any of those plays you would enjoy although out of the 3 I enjoyed Midsummer's Night Dream the best - although seen at RSC Stratford not The Globe. We saw Dr Faustus at the Globe.

Oh and great photos of London :)