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Saturday, November 03, 2012

What you find in a country church!

As tomorrow is a music day I was out with Dad today.

We headed off to Welwyn Garden City for a wander around. I do like Welwyn, there's lots of greenery and it has a rather nice John Lewis. However I am getting tight in my old age as the prices of the clothes and furniture leaves me a little breathless.

The weather wasn't quite as good as expected but we headed off for a drive. I wasn't sure where to stop to eat our sandwich but was we entered High Laver there was a church and a parking space so.....

After noshing on my sarnie I popped into take some pics.

Outside the church on the South Wall is a tomb to the 17th century philosopher John Locke. How odd to come to a simple church and find someone of such import!


Ragged Robin said...

The church looks beautiful in its simplicity and what an amazing find the tomb was. Isn't it great when you come across something so interesting locally that you didn't know was there?

Anonymous said...

The church warden does a marvelous job with the flowers which seem to be mostly local produce very artfully arranged. I dont understand what her embroidery means. Guess she bought the roses. What is a "laver" I wonder. "high laver and the lavers of churches - had such a friend" Is it in secret code?

Pete said...

Hi anony - I haven't got a clue. As there are a few Laver's in the area it must have a meaning.

RR - yep. Always surprising but you often find something

oldcrow61 said...

A simple church. The skull makes all the difference of course.