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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Playing with cameras

So I no longer have a dSLR and I don't have a birding lens the light is DREADFUL so what do I do? Go to Fishers Green.

These aren't with the new camera.....

Let's hope for better light next Saturday!

Right back to testing that Fuji

So off to Great Sampford

St Michael's, Great Sampford

I decided I'd push the ISO a bit.... 3200

Would be great to see these wall paintings when the were new....

The flash doesn't work! the flash doesn't work. AH! I stuck it into silent mode instead of turning the volume down!

Down the road to

St Mary the Virgin, Little Sampford


Tricia said...

The stained glass window, in particular, is really good... as is the pic!!

Ragged Robin said...

The colours are good with the new camera Pete. Beautiful churches and I loved the stained glass and the wall painting. Cute squirrel too :)

oldcrow61 said...

The pictures are wonderful even though you say the light wasn't good.