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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Christmas Fayre in November?

Today was not birding weather, sorry it was not a day to take photos of birds, which was what I wanted to do. So instead I headed off into Suffolk to Bury St Edmunds to find it was the Christmas Fayre and the place was heaving.

Still despite the awful light it was good camera practice.

The Nutshell the smallest pub in the country.

Alpaca's not a pretty boy.

 The cathedral tower...

As the cathedral was likely to be a bit busy off to St Mary'

Got to the car and the rain started. Given Dad tells me the rain started at 9am at home I made the right choice!


Island Rambles Blog said...

I think to myself, how spoiled you are over there to have such richness of history all around you!! Your photos show it off too well and I want to see it myself...very nice posting as usual Pete. Is that how you spell fair with an accent.

Ragged Robin said...

Lovely colours again in the photos Pete. Am I right in assuming you were using your new Fuji? Looks a lovely little town.

Anonymous said...

Its a treat to see these lovely places through your eyes. amazing house #58. amazing animal lovers #44 like #12 and #35 and especially#23. Thanks very much Pete.


Pete said...

Thanks Islands

RR - yup all with the Fuji

Turquis - pleased you liked them

oldcrow61 said...

I really enjoyed these pictures. So much colour. I got a kick out of the pot people. That emaciated person on the tomb is a bit disturbing. Not enough flesh gone for me. I like the bare bones, ahahaha.