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Friday, November 23, 2012

A dog points the way to Lucca?

With the wind blowing and rain falling a young (ok distinctly middle aged - it is very scary to see so much grey hair!) man's thoughts turn to Summer.

I decided that I want to read about places warm and my thoughts turned to Italy (the fact that I am going to Rome in March.....). I was browsing Amazon, as you do, and found a book called Todo in Tuscany, the Dog at the Villa

Another of those tiresome stories of middle class Englishman going to restore a property overseas I thought! BUT there was a cute dog on the cover! A quick glance of what it was about showed that yes it was another tiresome couple BUT this was a tiresome couple who only bought the house because when they visited it the previous owner had died two years ago and the dog, Todo, had refused to leave the house so if you wanted the house you had to want the dog.....

One review said if you didn't want a heartwarming story move on but I wanted a heartwarming story so I downloaded it.

I'm a quarter of the way through it. It isn't brilliantly written but it is pleasant and heartwarming and the dog is suitably cute! Although I suspect a few tears will be shed at the end :(

Now I mention this becuase it is one of those coincidences of life.

I was meant to go to Lucca last year and didn't (I ended up in Florence). But it is amazing how often I have turned on the telly to find a reference to Lucca, I'll turn on to say, find a repeat of top gear and before I hastily turn it to another channel think "ooh that looks a pretty Italian town" oh it's Lucca.

And guess which city is 10 minutes drive from where Todo the dog is set? Lucca.

I think it's fate!

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oldcrow61 said...

Yep, no doubt it is fate!