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Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Musical Sunday

The weather forecast was meant to be poor today (showers) and yet it was dry. Dull and grey but dry!

It was cold this morning. Ice on the car!

I did offer.....

We were going to a Pret in London but both were closed so we went to McDonalds (we left walked 5 minutes and found an open Pret!!)

Oh my god Christmas is coming!

A new set of Sculptures in Hanover Square


OC !!!!!!!!!!

You've already eaten Trish!!

If you can't get to the chocolate then worship it.

Sculptures in Soho Square.

We popped into Cameraworld - neither of us bought but I am in lust with the Fuji XE1 :)

The concert was at the Wigmore Hall and was the Dante Quartet playing

Mozart - String Quartet in F K590
Dvorak - String Quartet in F Op 96 'American'

The Dante, as ever, were excellent and a nice variety of repetoire

1 comment:

oldcrow61 said...

omg, I cracked up on seeing the skeleton on the bike. The sculptures are amazing. I love the rock people coming out of the ground. It's way too early to be talking of Xmas. It's the same here, the shops have Xmas items out already. Glad you enjoyed the concert. Oh, almost forgot to on the car! Wow, does this mean you'll have a harsh winter!