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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Walking around London and some music!

The Classical season ends with the Prom and the new season opens when the Proms finishes so today was the first concert of the 2012/13 season for me ('ark  at him!).

The forecast looked poor but thankfully the rain held off until we walked into the concert hall!

We went for a stroll down to Covent Garden, on to Trafalgar Square. There are lots of lovely buildings and interesting things to see but a lot of ugly stuff as well.

The light was AWFUL!! But I don't care, I want blue skies when I go to Paris.

The Royal Opera House......

Covent Garden - almost like an Italian Piazza.

St Martin in the Fields (we'll be here later) - the sound of the bells were amazing by the way

And then too the Wigmore Hall....

The performers were Violinist: Charlie Siem and Pianist Itamar Golan

The pieces were:
Dvorak - Four Romantic Pieces Op 75
Richard Strauss - Violin Sonata in Eb Op 18
Ravel - Tzigane (a late change not even in the programme).

When booking I was surprised that the tickets were so near the front as at subscription concerts  (at the Wigmore Hall the Friends of the Wigmore Hall can book early) we're usually mid to rear. I can only imagine many regulars didn't book and the concert attracted a younger different audience. Nothing wrong with that but many of them seemed more interested in taking pictures. Don't I sound grumpy? .... but photography is banned and flashes firing whilst the artists are playing is to be unfair on the artists and other members of the audience.

At the end of the 1st movement of the Strauss Siem seemed to ask for applause and this was given by some with others seeming perplexed.

I was puzzled, was it me? Trish leaned over at the end of the Strauss and asked what I thought? Well the chap can obviously play but I wasn't overly impressed. Music is emotional and whilst I could recognise talent I wasn't feeling emotion. My comment at the time was "well it's ok". She agreed and later said "often I'm disappointed the concert is over today I'm not bothered."

At the end there was a mix of polite applause from some whilst others acted as if it was the greatest experience of their lives.

I heard Siem on In Tune the other night and he came over as a nice bloke, and he played a very pleasant encore. Always nice to see a performer appreciate the response the got.

For me at best a *** concert.

Next concert is not until the end of October when I have 3 in 10 days!


Anonymous said...

Pete, what does Proms mean anyway? Some of your photos were interesting cause the day was so gloomy that is was monochrome but then certain things were in color. Nice. Have you been to an opera just yet I wonder?

Pete said...

Hi Turquis

the Opera is in March! Something to anticipate!

The Proms is an 8 week Music Festival that runs between July and September.

and yes the day was very monochrome. he rained all day after we walked into the concert hall.


Cindy said...

ooh St Martins in the Fields, it is great to see you were there ... we're not sure if my John Allen married there or not ... the trouble is there are so many John Allens! Thank you for sharing your photos