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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Knightshayes Court

We went to Tiverton for some essential supplies before heading off to Knightshayes Court.

Knightshayes is a very fine Victorian house alas for some reason the trust doesn't allow photo's inside. I'd have love to take a picture of the the cat sitting on the chair with the legend "please do not sit on this seat".

also a nice walled garden

Cake was Devonshire Apple Cake - probably cake of the week.


oldcrow61 said...

omg, I'm so envious of the places and things you get to see. I love this place. I got a few ideas from the post as well, lol.

Tricia said...

Knightshays.. but don't remember the arched 'greenhouse'?

Anonymous said...

I like the hedges... especially what looks like a pouncing bunny. :-)

Ragged Robin said...

Great scarecrows :) Like the topiary especially the one that looks like a leaping rabbit! And gosh I would love the stone statue of a lady with a basket of flowers in my garden!!!