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Sunday, August 12, 2012

St Andrew's Much Hadham

Well I am dSLR less :( The repair come will need to check it's a problem with the dSLR and not the lens. I'm sure it's not as I've used other lenses with no problems.

So what to do today? I thought we'd look around St Andrew's church Much Hadham.

The church is now shared with the Roman Catholics (which I kind of like).

These are by Henry Moore. I really must go and visit the nearby Henry Moore foundation.


Ragged Robin said...

Another lovely church Pete - the window in the second photo is beautiful. Some great stone and wood carvings too.

Hope you get dslr and lens back soonest!

Tricia said...

yup... A visit to Henry Moore foundation should be interesting...and like, RR, the colour and picture of the stained-glass window is beautiful!!

Cindy said...

.. thank you for visiting my blog. Regarding acciess, we phoned in advance and the kind lady arranged for somebody to be there to let us in, and lock up after us. A photo of the mural is on my blog, it is fabulous. Many thanks, Cindy