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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I don't understand people

Whilst eating lunch at Wrest Park I overheard a chap complaining about Ryan Air.

His complaint was that they charge you to put a bag in storage and if you go over limit they hammer you.

Now I don't get it. Ryan Air's ethos is CHEAP. If  you can get all you need into a carry on bag with fixed dimensions and with a 10kg weight limit the cost is RIDICULOUSLY cheap. Of course if you want to stick a bag in the hold they charge you and dare to go over the limit and they hammer you. 

Now this doesn't bother me I knew the rules I weighed both the bag I stuck in the hold and checked the weight and dimensions of the bag go on with me so no problems.

It was amusing to watch people suddenly realise that their bag was overweight and desperately trying to juggle! The amount of people who had decided to just bring a flight bag (naturally and understandably) to save money and then realise it was too big! I don't get it, a novice flyer like me saw the info on size....

To be fair if the Ryan Air staff had wanted they could have made a fortune. Both in and out.

"Dear Sir/Madam could you just a fit your bag in here? No? £50 please!" 

I know because I saw multiple families on our flights try before the staff appeared.

If you travel Ryan Air you are doing it because you want a cheap flight and you no that the airline is out to catch you. Don't like it ? Travel with someone else and stop whining.

1 comment:

Tricia said...

Couldn't agree more.. everything is made aware to the customer in clear directives....basically you pay for what you want/need...and if you ignore/flout the rules. you pay! Simples..

but all those repacking cases provided some entertainment though :)