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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Snowdonia, a church and Bodnant

The weather has been kind so far and today was no exception.

The journey out of Beddgelert was lovely and I hope you will forgive me indulging!

We had stopped to take the views but the lake had a Great Crested Grebe and a total of 5 Goosanders! (we saw 2 more later!).

And as an aside we heard Willow Warbler a bird that I've heard very few of this year,

We overtook this guy a few hundred yards down the road. He has an artificial left arm.

And so to St Gwyddelan Church, Dolwddelan.

And so to the National Trust garden Bodnant.

Lunch was not meant to be cake but ...... it was :D  A slice of cake for lunch is hardly indulging is it....

And back to the part of the garden not explored......

We went for a last cuppa (and no cake!!). lovely day

As we drove back the rain started, tomorrow looks like waterproof weather!


Ragged Robin said...

Gorgeous photos Pete (although I can't enlarge them properly which is a shame - when you click on them they just appear a bit bigger at the foot of the page). The scenery of North Wales is lovely and the garden you visited at Bodnant looks magical.

Enjoyed the visit yesterday to Anglesey - I would love to revisit there. Haven't been since a geography field trip from school and a family holiday when I was little.

Pete said...

hi Caroline

Trish said the same thing. try clicking on one of the photos at the bottom. I don't have the same problem when I look at them!

Ragged Robin said...

HI Pete - I've tried clicking on the one of the photos at the bottom but it doesn't make any difference! I'll try google chrome!

I did have a similar problem with my blog posting on Tolken but came to the conclusion it was because I'd prepared it half in Internet Explorer and half in Google Chrome and Blogger didn't like that!

Ragged Robin said...

Sorry for the double comment! I've just tried it again in I/E and its working fine so I'll be able to look at larger pics of that gorgeous scenery :D!