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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I am not a number

And so for to Snowdonia...... hang on the sun is shining this wasn't meant to happen!! Not you understand that I'm complaining.

The journey up was excellent it's a beautiful part of the world.

You will be pleased to know that today is all new! And first place is Portmeirion which was where the 1960's TV series The Prisoner was set. It is was built in the 20's by  William Clough Ellis.

We then moved on to the next hotel at Beddgelert. Stunning location!

My 1890 Baedeker says of Beddgelert...

'the "gem of Welsh Villages", is charmingly situated at the junciton of the Colwyn and the Glasyn, near the southern base of snowdon, and is in every respect one of the best centres for tourists in N. Wales. It is much less shut in than Betwys-y-Coed, and is surrounded by mountains instead of hills; its environs are not marred by slate quarries like Llanberris; while its romantic setting has more individuality than Dolgelley. It derives its name, meaning Grave of Gelert, from the touching legend of Llewelyn's hound, of which this is said to have been the scene. The grave is marked by a few rude stones in a small shaded enclosure  in the second field to the south of the village.'

I'd agree it is a gem and the environs are lovely!

Birds seen included Redstart and a female Goosander

Gelert's Grave. The story goes that Llewelyn Prince of North Wales rode out without his faithful hound Gelert. When he returned his hound was pleased to see him but Llewelyn's babies cradle  is overturned the baby missing and the dog with blood around its mouth. Imagining that it has savaged the child, Llywelyn draws his sword and kills the dog, which lets out a final dying yelp. He then hears the cries of the baby and finds it unharmed under the cradle, along with a dead wolf which had attacked the child and been killed by Gelert. Llywelyn is then overcome with remorse and he buries the dog with great ceremony, yet can still hear the dying yelp. After that day Llywelyn never smiles again.  

The pub i'm staying at ! Oh no cake today! Did have an ice cream.

St Mary's church


Jan said...

Fab pictures Pete, glad you had nice weather again. Read that legend of Gelert again, and now blabbing like a baby, that really gets to me, quite one of the saddest things ever.

Ragged Robin said...

Lovely photos Pete - thanks for bringing back the memories :)! Shame about the cake though! Its a beautiful part of the world and I hope the weather continues to behave.

oldcrow61 said...

I want to live in Portmeirion. All I need is a small cottage. Can you arrange that for me Pete darling, please.

I love the dragon statue in the next town. Maybe we can move it to my cottage in Portmeirion.