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Sunday, May 06, 2012

Regents Park and a Concert

So it was a concert day. We went to Regents Park first mainly because the train was crowded and getting off at Liverpool Street was more hassle than it was worth!

And the easiest bird to photograph......

Breakfast was at the Honest Sausage - and very nice it was too, if a tadge pricey.

A few Heron's .... :D

I know they aren't popular but I like them....

I do like this....

The home of the Wallace Collection

Pret at Wigmore Street

The concert was Cuarteto Casals the programme being
Haydn - String Quartet in C Op 54 No 2
Schubert - String Quartet in G D887

and very good it was to!


Eagleseagles said...

Nice to see a Yaffle in your photos!

Tricia said...

Interesting day photographically eh...and as for your squidgie pic....!!

oldcrow61 said...

That porridge is a bit pricey isn't it? I love the pictures of the Herons. They always remind me of little old men. And....that delightful little car, I want it!!!

Anonymous said...

Recently Mum spotted a little car like that one in your photos, only it was silver all over. She said it would be perfect for me. :-)

Pete said...

diddums - i just had to take a photo of that car!