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Wednesday, May 30, 2012


As some of you know there is going to be a big change to this blog. It will be losing its solely Anglo (with a few detours to Wales) focus and go overseas for the odd holiday. This has caused shocked amongst friends and in the case of the Blonde One denial (she says that if I go overseas she'll be buying breakfast and lunch for me).

Planned trips are to Lucca & Pisa (Italy) in July or August my travel agent (Cheryl) is arranging details and Paris in October (I'm staying 300m from the Musee D'Dorsay!). And yes I do hold a passport.

I'm now reading guide books on Tuscany and Paris and planning future trips to Europe. Why is it I'm worried about pickpockets btw? Is the problem REALLY worse in say Rome than it is in London?!

Anyhow what puzzled me is that when I think France I think Paris but when I think Italy yes I think Rome but I also think Florence, Venice, Milan....... I wonder if overseas visitors think the same of us?

I'm looking through the guide books and drooling at Sainte Chapelle, Notre Dame and the Louvre etc in Paris. The Piazza dei Miracoli (the Cathedral and Leaning Tower) in Pisa. In Lucca the Cathedral, the City Walls, the Piazza Anfiteatro. I suspect I will be melting as well (factor 600?) but sitting out eating Pasta and drinking a glass of Pinot Grigio!

I'm looking at Florence, Rome, and Venice! And I love the idea of seeing an Opera in Verona's Arena  built by the Roman's in the 1st century AD!! I really can't decide where I want to go, well all of them but my bank manager might have other ideas.

And yes the camera is ready and primed!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Forest

Where you are away from a place you visit often it is odd to see so much change!

For a start the buttercups are becoming prominent ......

First spot were 4 Juvenile Herons......

2 Terns on the raft.

The nest by the view platform has gone but there were two adults with two chicks! I assume these were from the shell house pair but there was a pair of Grebes there. A mystery. A total of 8 adult grebes!!

The highlight was a Common Sandpiper!!!

Lots of Warblers about including Reed and Sedge. One curiosity is I've heard very few Willow Warblers this year.

I then wandered over to Dad's. His nibs was cutting his back lawn with his chair handy for short rests! so I banged on the window with a cup and mouthed "do you want a cuppa?". He nodded and sat down. I made the tea and then finished the grass!!!!

We nipped out to get some plants for pots and I spent the rest of the morning reading (after making coffee). Sir cooked a nice roast Gammon for lunch.

This afternoon I cut the grass and have lazed about!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Back Home

His nibs and I were both awake early so we headed off early (on the road by 6:30!).

Another sunny day so I went for a wander around Rye Meads. Lots of youngsters about, I didn't try and get in the Kingfisher hide as as usual this time of year the photographers go there and sit there for hours stopping everyone else.

There was also Dragonflies and Damselflies about giving it a more summer feel.


Playing hide and seek....

This chap was a bit too distant really...

Friday, May 25, 2012

Return to Blickling

We went to Holt this morning. Holt is a lovely small town and was one of two places in Norfolk in the Daily Telegraph's top 50 places to live in England (or was it the UK?). The other place in Norfolk is Burnham Market, Holt however is a town you can live in whereas Burnham is very boutique.

Given the lovely weather we went back to Blickling. It's one of Dad's favourites.

A rare thing happened today I got dad inside a National Trust Restaurant! And we had Broccoli and Binham Blue Cheese soup. Very nice.

I went for a wander around the lake.

 The Grebes and 4 chicks were still there and there were two terns fishing. The Reed Warblers were very vocal.

One of the cows got on to the path as the fence was weak (so like a responsible NT member I  reported it).

I had espied the Lemon Butter Cream sponge when I bought the soup so I wandered into the tea room for slice. It was lovely.

So that's another holiday done. The weather has been amazing when you think how bad it has been. Two weeks to the next one  :)