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Sunday, April 15, 2012

The usual day with a twist.

Should I head to Kent? to Barnes? to a house in London?

As it was I went to the Forest. I was hoping some migrants would be back .... and they were I soon saw few Sand Martins and lots of Swallows. Not only that I heard the mournful song of the Willow Warbler! There are also lots of Chiffchaffs back and I saw a female Blackcap and there were quite a few singing males.

There were still 6 Grebes on the lake with one on a nest by the shell house. There were also two shelduck and I was a little surprised that there were still Tufties and Teal about.

There were a pair of ducklings on the decoy pond.

I was pleased to note the cafe was open early today :)

These were my breakfast companions

Obviously their patch! as they chased off other Canada's and Greylags and went for the odd Mallard!!

So where now? I went on to Coggeshall and the National Trust's Paycocke's. The house is Tudor (built approx 1500) and was built for Cloth Merchant Thomas Paycocke.

Seen on the way!


Honestly, see!

There is a nice little cottage garden....

A pair of Mallards relaxing.

The garden would be a nice place to sit and read on a warmer day!

The house is one of those small house the Trust do so well. Alas no cafe ! A cup of tea and a piece of cake would have gone down well!

Finally to Rye Meads! And a Little Ringed Plover!

I was hoping for a Reed or Sedge Warbler but there were still quite a few Pochards about which do breed at Rye Meads.

A nice day but cold in the wind.

Oh and this music will be right for the house.

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Tricia said...

A good day out and great to get some sun.... nice to have the Little Ringed Plover :D