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Sunday, April 22, 2012


Well that's holiday one over! I didn't use a dSLR once and to be honest I never felt I needed it. Birds are the only real reason I need a dSLR..

The holiday was good and although the weather wasn't perfect it never got in the way so no complaints. I stayed at the Huntsman at Falfield (near Slimbridge which I never got to.) and I would happily stay there again if I was in the area..

Straight home today and off to Rye Meads I was greeted by a Common Whitethroat in the car park. There were lots of Blackcaps, is it me or are there more than normal. Also lots of Cetti's at Rye Meads these days.

Notable birds? Sedge Warbler, two Little Egrets, Lapwing and a Snipe. Oh and not a bird but nice... a vole!

The flipping birds were playing hide and seek from the camera!!

The Hert & Middlesex Wildlife Trust part of the reserve can be hit and miss but it was good to see a Mute Swan on one of the Island nesting again. Very funny to see a Canada Goose sitting nearby in a few weeks the male Mute will be giving it hell......

This Mute came to say hello.
 And YAY baby Coots ugly looking devils!! But still so nice to see them.


ShySongbird said...

Hi Pete, I've just enjoyed the rest of your holiday posts and it seems you had a great time even though the weather wasn't the best and you certainly took some lovely photos. That was a very obliging little Robin on the last post, a real poser :-)

Glad you are back safely. Lovely to see the baby Coots, their mum thinks they're beautiful ;-)

Tricia said...

I'm sure Mother Coot loves her offspring!!

Good news re Little Egrets..and 'well done' on the vole!! Love to see one there!!