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Thursday, April 19, 2012

3 Churches and NT Clevedon court

There are 4 churches in the area that are on my list unticked so today I was going to spend the morning visiting them AND the afternoon was to a National Trust property I'd never been to.

First up

793 St Mary East Brent.

onto 794 St Mary, Axbridge

alas the next was locked, the village looked a bit of a dump so I wasn't overly surprised.

795 St Mary, Yatton

lots of these in the churchyard!!

The National Trust property, Clevedon Court, was not open to 2pm and I was early so I pulled my car up and had lunch. I bought some sarnies from a village I had driven through. So I munched on my sarnie whilst the rain HAMMERED down reading a book and listening to the Radio 3 lunchtime concert. But you know what? At 1:58pm the rain stopped!!! Don't believe me?

The property has a nice collection of glass.

It's a shame that the house is so near a busy road!

The "cafe" is a small kiosk in a disused building. Totally different to the waitress service at Ickworth but I prefer the more rustic approach! A nice piece of light (their words) fruit cake.

At about 3:25 the heavens opened so I decided to call it a day. Another good day, the weather so far hasn't stopped me...... I have a bad feeling my luck will run out!


Tricia said...

Wow! Another good day out. The sculpture of the kneeling lady praying is amazing; the sculptor has been so clever in creating the folds of material in her dress

And the flowers too.. glad the rain stopped for you.. sorry you're nervous about your luck running out... ;)

Ragged Robin said...

Sounds like another great day. The churches look interesting - I like the ceilings. Some lovely flower pics especially the Snakeshead Fritillaries. Hope your fears about the weather aren't realised tomorrow :D.