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Friday, March 02, 2012

Things to do before you die....

There are lots of books about lately with titles like 101 Things to do/see before you die.

I'm not planning on dying anytime soon but I thought I'd compose one of those lists....

1. See all 1000 churches in THE book ...... I don't expect to it but an ambition.

2. See 300 species of birds in the UK. 45 to go but I haven't seen a new one for a while ........ might happen but unlikely as I seldom twitch!

3. Retire at 50 or at least before the normal retirement date....... before the normal retirement date is a shoe in! At 50? please god!!

4. See a ballet.... I don't why this is here! But for some reason it is! I do like the music so....... a chance I guess.

5. Go to Paris ........ I'd like to go Versailles, Notre Dame, Sainte-Chapelle etc etc etc you could add a number of French Cathedrals to this list! Chartres, Reims, Troyes ..... decent chance.

6. Go to Rome ........ oh come on who wouldn't!! an outside chance

7. Go to one of Florence/Milan/Venice....... see 6!! outside chance

8. Visit every National Trust house and garden in England and Wales - by definition tea room! We aren't talking property! I think this one I can do :D

9. See a Hummingbird in the wild!! - no chance but....

10. Go to an opera - what do you mean I don't like Opera!! I mean see Carmen in Paris or Puccini in Italy..... chances? hhhhmmmmmmm


avalon said...

Been to Paris, Rome Florence and Venice the architecture is fantastic but oh so busy , wonderful all the same. Ate Pizza in florence from a little back steet cafe it was so delicious never had anything like it.
I also want to see a ballet Swan Lake i think. Opera in Italyfor sure.
You have a great wish list !

Tricia said...

When you get to Venice you'll need comfy shoes but the architecture is amazing... take several cameras ;)

Notra Dame against a clear blue sky is amazing as a photographic subject.. and Paris is... Paris :D Rome is amazing and steeped in culture and history - visit the catacombs... but avoid the top tourist times......

But top of your list? Retirement :D

turquis said...

Europe is so close to you so why not go? But the England you show us is heavenly and so why leave it? I like The Magic Flute best. Its fun to see different productions of operas over time. The darndest thing Ive seen regarding hummingbirds was in Panama highlands. Outside the hotel walkway were hanging planters and in one right before my eyes a tiny hummingbird had a nest with one egg in it which she came and went to...she had no fear. The world is full of wonderful things.

Ragged Robin said...

I like your wish list Pete - do go to the ballet. I've seen The Nutcracker twice and it was a truly magical experience!

Top of my wish list would be a trip to Norfolk :D