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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Music and a walk through the City of London

It was off to London for another concert today.

Instead of wandering down to St James's Park I decided on something different.

The Monument which commemorates the Great Fire of London of 1666.

For AGES I've wanted to visit the garden of St Dunstan in the East. The church was destroyed during the war and was turned into a garden. Great use of space I think.

The Tower of London

A Beefeater

Tower Bridge

St Paul's Cathedral

The Royal Courts of Justice.

St Clements Danes Church and evirons. The church is the RAF Church.

Samuel Johnson

Bomber Harris

Air Chief Marshall Dowding - head of Fighter Command during the Blitz

William Ewart Gladstone PM

Australia House

Bush House home of the BBC.

Gross eh!

So even after a very enjoyable walk we were still early so sat in Cavendish Square and read.

And as we walked in to the concert.... the sun came out!

The concert was the guitarist Milos Karadaglic.

The programme was:

Fernando Sor
Grand Solo Op 14

Augustin Barrios Mangore
Un Suenoen la Floresta

Johann Sebastian Bach
Prelude andFugure from"Parita in C minor' BWV997

Heitor Villa-Lobo
Prelude No 1 in E minor
Etude No 11
Valsa - Choro from 'Suite popular brasileira'
Etude No 12

Milos is a fine guirarist but came over as a nice chap as he actually TALKED to the audience!!

There was an encore (I can't remember what it was but it'll be on the new album) which I liked!!

Great Day


Tricia said...

Really glad you found the garden and had the idea for walk... it was a lovely day and the concert was good..talented young man !! Thanks Pete..

oldcrow61 said...

I WANT THAT RED GARGOYLE!!! Great shots. I really enjoyed them. Lots of wonderful statues, I love the lions.