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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Melford Hall

His nibs and I went to Sudbury and Long Melford today and may I ask who turned off the heat? I have sat in an office all week and come the weekend the temperature was about 15f lower!!

His nibs walked around Sudbury but at Melford he decided to sit in the car and listen to Radio 4. My father does not often laugh out load so it was good to see him really chuckle during the Now Show.

I went for a wander in Melford and left him to Listen to a Week in Politics and Any Questions.

Melford is a nice village but it would ssssoooo much nicer with no cars. Still there are some good old buildings.

And so to Melford Hall. It is a smallish house (comparatively) but it's the type of place the National Trust do well. I visited quite a few times but there is usually something new to see.

The next is new a computer generated image of what the Hall would have looked like when it was held by the Abbot of Bury St Edmunds (think that's right). Interesting as you can see the outline in the modern garden.

Beatrix Potter was a cousin of the family and visited frequently.

His nibs cooked a nice Fish & Chips for tea!


oldcrow61 said...

Nice shots Pete. That doll like statue sort of gives me the creeps. Strange!

Anonymous said...

You do make England look lovely. You have a great unsentimental eye... incredible spiral staircase. I think its 26.

Ragged Robin said...

Love the stained glass window of the lady in Elizabethan dress and the Beatrix Potter connection is interesting at Sudbury.

Cars in pretty villages are a pain! I had the same problems in Henley-in-Arden last week!

Tricia said...

Stained glass window is amazing... good pics all....

Island Rambles Blog said...

very nice, just like in a movie or the PBS Downton Abby show, my favorite show.