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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

The changing state of Garden Birds

The BTO have just published there latest Garden Birds Survey.

The big mover up is the Goldfinch which has moved in to the top 10 of most commonly reported birds. In 1995 it was seen in 12.2% of gardens and now is seen in 57.9% of gardens. It replaces the Greenfinch which is in decline.

According to Dr Tim Harrison:

Greenfinches are being affected by a disease called trichomonosis.

During 2011, their numbers were down by a tenth compared with the average over the last two years, and this is is despite a fantastic breeding season that year.

Goldfinches have probably benefited by people putting a greater variety of food out.

You can read more here.


St Jude said...

I have to say that I've noticed more Goldfinches in my garden and less Green Finches. I don't get Starlings anymore either. I do have Jays living nearby and visiting regularly. I know that not everyone loves them but I think they are great. Nice talking to you again hun.

Pete said...

hi ya st J!!

I like Jays!! Very attractive birds!

Ragged Robin said...

It looks as though my garden is following the trend though I do take part in this survey! Goldfinches are by far the most numerous bird on the feeders. I haven't seen a greenfinch yet this year. We still get up to a dozen house sparrows but starlings are rare visitors these days!

ShySongbird said...

My garden must be the exception as, oddly, for the first time for a long while, the Greenfinches far outnumber Goldfinches in my garden this year! There are so many acting very aggressively at the feeders that I think the Goldfinches have become intimidated by them.

I enjoyed your Norfolk post, I have never been but would love to. Unfortunately it's too far away for us to leave our elderly, frail dog for so long. You obviously all had a great time and got some good photos too!