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Saturday, February 18, 2012


What to do today? I had got my haircut yesterday evening so that was a job done. I was tempted to go to Wimpole Hall to try indoor photography with a mirrorless camera (or 2 :) ) but it was starting to rain so I headed, as I do when in doubt, to Rye Meads.

Now last week there were loads of good birds like ooh an Eagle!! So it was going to be dull today.... "look out for Great Grey Shrike betweem Ashby and the lagoon hides" said one of the volunteers. Shrike!!!!! Now that would be a patch tick!

So I wandered up the path with a volunteer and .... nothing.

Flying Gadwall anyone?

As I left the Gadwall hide (which is apt given the above were taken there!) I was called back as one of the ringers had spotted it!! Result! I walked on a bit and got slightly better views but it then flew. Still well pleased!


Stick bum in the air

Show off!!

Quite a few tits and finches. The light was awful.....

Other highlights? Green Woodpecker, Great Spotted Woodpecker and Green Sandpiper. Another successful morning at Rye Meads.


holdingmoments said...

On my few visits there Pete, I've never left disappointed.
Well done with the Shrike.

Tricia said...

well done on the Shrike... and the Gadwalls in flight .. very nice espesh in poor light!

Diane said...

Nice patch tick. And will you stop with the LTTs!!

Ragged Robin said...

Well done on the Shrike, Pete - what a great patch tick!

oldcrow61 said...

I love the "bum in the air" picture. As always lovely shots.